The reason Sadio Mane’s teenage bride didn’t go on her honeymoon

Aisha Tamba, the teenage bride of former Liverpool star Sadio Mane, surprised many people by refusing to go on her honeymoon.

Sadio Mane, former Liverpool star, held a secret and quick wedding in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Mane’s wedding took place in front of a small number of friends and relatives from both families. According to research, Mane’s newlywed wife named Aicha Tamba is only 18 years old this year. The reason why the star currently wearing the Al Nassr shirt got married so urgently is because he still has to join the Senegal team to compete in CAN 2023 held in Ivory Coast this January.

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The newlywed wife, who is old enough to be the 31-year-old star’s grandchild, has just broken her silence after her marriage that surprised many people. “I’m looking forward to my new life and I know it will be very different. But I don’t feel any pressure because Sadio’s fame and money won’t change me. This is not something I care about . I will remain a humble person. We don’t like to brag and talk about our personal lives,” Aisha shared with the media, “I am a very down-to-earth person, this is how I have been.” raised and there will be no difference just because of this marriage. I am honored to be Mrs. Mane.”

Sadio Mane's wife, 18, speaks on marriage to former Liverpool star, 31 – Nehanda Radio

It is important to know that Mane is working side by side with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo at the Al Nassr football team in the Saudi Arabia National Championship (Saudi Pro League). The Senegal international earns £650,000 a week at Al Nassr and it’s a huge contrast to Aisha’s life. According to many sources, Aisha lives in a shabby area of ​​Dakar in a house facing a swamp. The house where Aisha’s family lives is located along a rough dirt road, with trash scattered about.

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In fact, Aisha, Mane’s 18-year-old wife, received a warm welcome when she returned to school after her recent secret wedding. It is important to know that Aisha is studying for her baccalaureate at a school in Mbao, a town in Dakar. In the video clip shared on social networks, hundreds of students can be seen gathering in the school yard singing songs like “Sadio amena jabar – Aissaa amena jekeur” with the idea of ​​welcoming “Lady Sadio Mane”. Although very surprised by this welcome, Mane’s teenage bride still maintained her composure as she smiled and waved to students at the school.

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Even more telling is the news that Mane and Aisha will not go on their honeymoon because the former Liverpool star’s new wife must complete her studies to get her baccalaureate degree first. So you see, Sadio Mane’s teenage bride is happy with her new relationship but still doesn’t forget to study for her exams. Another detail worth mentioning is that Amadou Timba, Aisha’s father, shared that Mane and Aisha did not date before getting married according to Muslim rituals. Accordingly, the Senegalese player has known Aisha since she was 16 years old.

“One day, my wife and Aisha visited Mane’s family. That was the first time Mane met my daughter,” Amadou shared on Univers Info TV, “Perhaps Mane saw something special in Aisha and his parents also appreciated her.” . They came to see me. We discussed and agreed on everything and waited for the wedding day to take place.”